Please note: Unfortunately all positions are currently filled.  You are still welcome to apply below and we will contact top applicants when a position is available!

About Blue Sea Studios:

Blue Sea Studios is an independent, fully remote software company that builds brilliant software to free humans from worry and repetition.

Over 20,000 businesses rely on our systems, including Google, Red Bull, Spotify, and the New York Times.

We're also building 2 Minute Revolution, which you can watch our CEO talk about in this video from Fast Company.


🏝 Work from anywhere in the world. Our staff live in 4 cities, and frequently explore other countries while working.

🕒 35-hour weeks. We think this is the best amount of time to balance creative, focused work with rest and rejuvenation.

⛺️ Unlimited time off. We believe in time off and will encourage you to take it.

Nights and weekends are 100% yours. We’ve set up our company so that our work happens during normal hours. No email or texts during off hours. (Exceptions are very rare.)

📈 Profit sharing. Quarterly bonuses based on our performance as a company.

🏆 Recognition and raises twice a year. Employees thrive when their contributions are seen and rewarded.

🎯 No distractions. Our staff clear email just once in the morning. The rest of your day is yours to focus and create. We use interruption technologies like Slack and sparingly.

👊 Knock out stress. We address stressors immediately and update processes to support the humans working here.

🦁 See your work in the wild right away. We deploy on a 2-week cycle. Your work will be in customers’ hands immediately.

🌿 Join a tight-knit, growing team. We have more project requests than our 5-person team can handle, so we’re currently expanding to at least 8.

Opening: Full-Stack Developers

More than 20,000 business rely on Blue Sea Studios software. We rely on our developers to implement brilliant technical systems that will last.

We're looking for developers to step into our web and mobile systems to build out new features and improve the lives of our customers.

We're currently hiring two devs:

  1. Primarily React, TypeScript, NodeJS, React Native

  2. Primarily .NET MVC with C#, including integrating a new React front-end

What You’ll Do:

  • Collaborate with design and test personnel to write polished, powerful new software
  • Use best practices and good architecture to build on our high-reliability systems.
  • Learn powerful processes we’ve developed over 8 years as a successful software company
  • Improve your skills through code review and mentoring as appropriate. (We want to learn from you too!)

What You’re Good At:

  • Managing time independently. We’re a remote company, which means wherever you are, no one is looking over your shoulder!
  • Persistence. At a small company like ours there’s no one to pass the buck to, so we find solutions! (However, we also balance this with collaborating when you’re really stuck.)
  • Nailing the details. We work off of well-developed specs and are looking for you to turn those ideas into reality.
  • Respect and appreciation. These are essential values for all staff. We enjoy working with each other, and we plan to enjoy working with you!


  • The salary range for this position is $64k-$111k USD, depending on experience and skills (1099 basis).

Why join Blue Sea Studios?

We’re creating software we believe in, while building the lives we want now. If that sounds good to you, apply by taking our test now!