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2 Minute Revolution Works

A typical member who tries the program slims down 1 to 2 inches within 30 days,

while gaining strength and vastly improving long-term health.

"2 minute daily workouts - no gym.
Powerful Treat Tracking technology.

I want you to discover this too."

Luke Williams
2MR founder and practitioner

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2 minutes is enough.

Start your day with a strength - building workout that takes as little time as brushing your teeth.

Modern science is showing that very brief workouts can be highly effective.

2 Minute Revolution is for adults of all ages, and children ages 8 and up.

(Our app is available for ages 13+.)

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Work out anywhere - at home or on the road.

No hours of "cardio," no gym, no wasted time.

We provide exercises for your level, no matter where you're starting from.




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"2MR didn't just change my diet and exercise routine, it helped me and my family change our lifestyle.  As I've hit my 30's, I began feeling more sluggish and tired, despite regular exercise. The diet changes and habit formation present in 2MR turned that around for me. I've carved inches off my waistline that I didn't realize I could take off.  I feel lighter on my feet.  And overall, I just flat out feel healthier!"

Brad Dexter
Physical Therapist
Omaha, NE

"I have experienced positive life and body changes since beginning 2MR!  Before 2MR, I tried pretty much every diet/fitness program out there, but didn't feel like I had a maintainable routine.  One of my favorite things about 2MR is that it is adaptable based on your current food and fitness preferences.  I also find the waist measurement of 2MR to be much more accurate and much less threatening/scary than the scale.  It's helped me to think about food differently and make more thought-out choices."

Leigh Ann
Los Angeles, CA

Eat great food.

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Forget calorie counting.  Learn how to moderate your “treats,” and enjoy them guilt-free.

Tap into our database of over 100 delectable, satisfying recipes.


Get off the roller coaster of low energy triggered by excess starch and sugar.

Attack cholesterol and inflammation head-on.

"2 Minute Revolution transformed my body. I built more muscle while losing more body fat than on any other program I've tried, with far less time spent working out and tracking food."

New York, NY

"By doing the 2MR I've built two incredibly useful habits - consistency and tracking results. The whole program is deliberately simple and incredibly time-efficient. I balance full-time work and a post-graduate degree and 90-minute gym sessions don't work for me. They didn't motivate me either. I'm glad I met Luke!"

San Francisco, CA

Form the habit for life.

We’ve built our program from the ground up based on the psychology of habits.

Within weeks, expect to be following the 2 Minute Revolution habits instinctively.

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"I have lost 40 pounds and 7 inches on my waist size, going from 39 inches to 32 inches. It has been freeing to not be a part of another fad or diet but a true lifestyle change. I now am educated and my eyes are open to what is healthy and what is unhealthy. I will look back at starting 2MR as a turning point in my life!"

Canton, MI


"I honestly believe that I would have been obese in a matter of years without 2MR. With a new baby and dealing with my husband's health issues, I was just trying to stay afloat and cook something easy for dinner. 2MR revolutionized the way I thought about food. It didn't feel like a "diet" because I loved the recipes so much. I know my family will never go back to the way we used to eat."

Canton, MI

2 Minute Revolution membership includes:

  • 2MR App (iOS and Android)

  • 2MR E-book

  • Full interactive tutorial

  • Simple, powerful nutrition data at your fingertips with Treat Search

  • 100 of our tested, delicious 2MR-friendly recipes

  • Complete workout guide and videos

  • Tracking and history


"I was first introduced to 2MR six months into starting my own company.  Working long hours, I constantly felt exhausted and the grind was starting to affect me physically and mentally.  2MR was life changing.  Because the barrier to the morning workouts was so low, they easily became a habit for me.  What was even more amazing was that those 2 minutes gave me energy for the whole day, and after a month, my core was as strong as it had ever been.  I highly recommend 2MR to anyone who feels like they don't have time in a day for health and fitness."

David Ko
Founder, Wedding Spot
San Francisco, CA


"My workout and diet schemes have always come and gone, but 2MR stuck with me. I'm happy with the inches I've lost from the middle and the tone I've added all around. My doctor is happy too! My cholesterol ratios have dropped 32% and into ideal range since beginning to eat more in line with the 2MR guide.  Looking forward to keeping 2MR as a central part of my overall wellness strategy in life."

Phoenix, AZ

The 2 Minute Revolution Story

I developed the 2MR concepts for my own use over the course of two years.  I was traveling frequently and didn't have a consistent gym or kitchen.  After many hours of research and experimentation, I had a system that allowed me to stay strong and lean with minimal time and attention invested.  For the first time in my life, strangers began asking me, "how do you work out?" and "where's the gym?"

In mid-2015, I decided to teach others what I'd learned, and the results were beyond any expectation I'd had.  Of the 25 initial students I worked with who were willing to try the habits for at least 1 week, 100% experienced life changes both immediate and long-term: a slimmer waistline, increased strength, improved HDL cholesterol and triglycerides, more energy, less bouts of hunger throughout the day.

2 Minute Revolution is now on a quest to transform the way the world thinks about what it takes to be in great health, and to put that goal within the reach of millions who had not thought it possible.

Luke Williams, 2MR founder

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